Stamford City, Connecticut Training Location

The City of Stamford, with a population of about 129,000, is situated about 33 miles north of New York City. Stamford is not only one of the safest cities in the United States but also is the third largest city in the State of Connecticut. Located on the North Metro Train System, Stamford is a part of the Greater New York Metropolitan Area. The population is comprised of 55% White, 24% Hispanic, and 13% Black. Stamford is the largest financial district in New York Metro outside New York City and has the largest concentration of corporations in the United States. The transportation system between Stamford and New York City is very efficient and reliable 24/7 through trains, buses, and taxis. The nearest International Airport is John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York City. Hotel accommodations are relatively cost effective, average of $70 for 2-star hotels per night. Some of the hotels in Stamford include La Quinta Inns, Hampton Inn & Suites, Sheraton Stamford Hotel, Stamford Marriot Hotel, Hilton Stamford Hotels, America Best Value Inn, etc. Medical services are available at some of the state -of- the-art hospitals in the City. Sightseeing areas of interest include parks and recreation, museum, churches, libraries, restaurants, beaches, and movie theaters. Shopping malls and supermarket stores including, Macy’s, Targets, K-Mart, Best Buy, Burlington Coat Factory, etc are also available in the city.


New York City Training Location

Our training venue in New York City is located in the center of the City in Manhattan. Choosing New York City as training location will give participants the opportunity to explore New York City to see the values that make New York City an exciting and a great city. These include the people, culture, history, architecture, entrepreneurship, infrastructural facilities, financial management, governance, technology, tourism, education, food, shopping, transportation system, city attractions etc. Participants can get around in the city via buses, trains, and taxis or on foot. Places of interest in New York City include: Times Square, Madison Square Garden, shopping malls, The Empire State Building, The World Trade Center, Statute of Liberty, Wall Street Financial District, Museums, Central Park, the United Nations Headquarters, etc. Depending on the location, the season, and the type of hotel, hotel rates in New York City are about 40% higher than the ones in Stamford and Washington DC. Participants have a choice to stay in New York City or in Stamford and attend the course during the training. There are bus shuttle services and train services about every hour between New York City and the City of Stamford during training sessions.


Washington DC Training Location

The third training location is Washington, DC, the capital of the United States. If you love politics, as they often say, come to Washington, D.C. With a population of approximately 659,000, Washington, DC has many places of attraction including the Capitol, the White House, Supreme Court Building, Museums and monuments, Kennedy Center, National Mall, National Museum of Natural History, etc. Hotel accommodations rates are relatively on the high side in the areas closer to the center of the city. Transportation in the form of public buses and taxis services are available in the City. The nearest International Airport is Washington Dulles International Airport.




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