Grant Management Training for Project Officers


2 weeks



Course Description
Grant Management Training for Project Officers course is designed to enhance the competencies and skills of individual officers who manage project development grants at various levels. The course introduces participants to the fundamental concepts of grant management, monitoring techniques, financial and record-keeping systems.

Course Learning Objectives:
The objective of this course is to enhance the participants’ skills and understanding to successfully manage development grants.

Course Content
The course is organized in a workshop setting facilitated by seasoned professional facilitators with practical experience in the project development and management industry for 2 weeks.

Course outlines
The “Grant Management Training for Project officers” course has some of the following key areas of learning:

-Overview of project development and management industry
-Introduction and understanding of grant management.
-Grant donor and recipient relationships
-Grant management issues
-Understanding and analysis of the grant agreement
-Grant management processes and techniques
-Project parameters and budget costs
-Cost principles and monitoring plan
-Performance measurement
-Detecting and preventing fraud
-Monitoring and evaluation
-Financial systems, documentation, and record-keeping
-Prior approval requirements
-Financial reporting
-How to prepare and keep reports
-Compliance, audits, and site visits
-Project evaluation
-Closeout of grants and renewal applications for extension
-Case studies and exercises
-Site visits

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the course, participants should be able to:
1. Describe grant management processes and techniques
2. Identify and use appropriate tools to monitor grants to achieve program goals.
3. Write a comprehensive evaluation and monitoring program report to the stakeholders.
4. Enhance course participants’ skills in the better management of programs for private or government donors.

Learning Methodology:
The course is delivered in a workshop setting facilitated by seasoned professional facilitators with practical experience. Active participation is required and the key to the success of the workshops. Other methods used in this course include case studies and problem-solving exercises. Assessment of participant’s performance will be measured through effective class participation, group presentation, group project, and class attendance. This course combines presentations, lectures, class discussions, group presentations, and problem-solving exercises.

Who should attend?
The course is intended for project development professionals and administrators in the development industry as well as anyone who has the responsibility for developing, designing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating development projects. Senior public officials, managing directors of private organizations, project managers, senior project consultants, heads of departments, supervisors, personnel officers, senior government staff, and other personnel as deemed appropriate by management.

Course Duration:
2 weeks

Training Locations

(a) Washington, DC., USA
(b) New York City, USA

(c) Washington, DC

(d) Toronto, Canada

(e) Lagos, Nigeria

(e) Nairobi, Kenya

(g) Dubai, UAE

Scheduled Dates:
Mar 16-27; May 18-29; Jun 15-26; Aug 17-28; Oct 19-30, Dec 14-25, 2022

Course Fees
The course fee is $4,650 USD for 2 weeks. The course fee covers the following: instruction, course materials, and one brand new laptop computer to take home, administration expenses, field trips, cultural programs, and miscellaneous program-related expenses.

How to Register
To receive a letter of invitation and supporting documents, you must complete and forward the registration form to the training director as soon as possible. To participate in this course, the applicant must:

  1. Send a completed application form
  2. Have a bachelor’s degree/or have relevant work experience at the senior management level
  3. Be nominated by the head of the department
  4. Be a senior member of the department/organization
  5. Demonstrate a devoted interest in the course
  6. Have proof of English proficiency
  7. Demonstrate proof of financial sponsorship of the course


For more information, please contact:

Center for Executive Training and International Development

295 Madison Avenue

12th Floor

New York, NY 10017, USA

Phone: +917 753 7225, +602 684 3228