The Center for Executive Training and International Development (CETID) is a USA –based professional training company. CETID is a state-of-the-art facility offering effective, practical development training courses specifically designed for working people. The company specializes in helping the mid and senior level executives, particularly those from the developing countries, to upgrade their skills and enhance their competencies in professional development. The short-term training courses focus on human development goals. The courses are designed not only to upgrade the skills and know-how of the participants but also to provide them with the opportunity to share experiences on international best practices in their professional fields. Duration of the training varies from one week to two weeks. The short courses are affordable with quality training and the opportunity to learn and relax by going on sightseeing tours. Support services, including hotel accommodation booking, airport pickups, shopping assistance, pre-departure travel guide information , and in-country orientation training, are provided to participants before and during the training. Training workshops are currently organized every month at the following three training locations in the United States: (1) Stamford, Connecticut (2) New York City, and (3) Washington DC. Additionally, to accommodate special circumstances, we can make arrangements for training at different locations in the United States.