All delegates/participants who are not residents or citizens of the United States are requested to apply for appropriate entry visas at their nearest America Embassy which administers visas in their country. Securing entry visas to attend the training is the responsibility of the participants and their sponsors or employers. However, upon receipt of registration fees, CETID will forward an official letter, on behalf of the delegate/applicant, to the Visa Section of the American Embassy in their country informing the Consular Officer about the acceptance of the delegate into the program, and then requesting him/her to issue an appropriate visa to the applicant to attend the training. The applicant may be asked to complete application forms online and then physically attend an interview at the Embassy. Please apply early for your appropriate visa because the process may take several weeks before a visa is issued. We strongly advise delegates/participants to have all the necessary and required documents with them including their full letters of invitation, evidence of their family and economic ties to their country, copies of their receipts of payment of their registration fees, copy of their letter of invitation from CETID to the American Embassy, clearance and endorsement letters from their employers, and any other important documents as they may be requested by the foreign Embassy before attending the visa interview.
Entry Visas